An Easter message from Kairos


From Kairos

We believe in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection. But it’s a faith that can be  sorely tested in the pain and the depth of our Good Fridays.

Will the fighting in South Sudan end?
Will the climate heal?…

Click on the video link to hear the message:


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A video for Easter week–The Resurrection Mural


A fellow parishioner sent a video link this week. I screen material that comes through my email, but I was delighted by what I found. Being the Holy Week, leading up to Easter, those who know the story of the Resurrection and what it means, as well as other biblical stories, just might appreciate it too.

The Resurrection is a large mural, oil on canvas, of Jesus emerging from the tomb.

I was only able to give you the link, so click here to see the video of  this incredible painting by renowned artist Ron DiCianni.


Incredible, isn’t it? Your thoughts?

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Starting Late

Today I blogged over at Canadian Writers Who Are Christian, as I do once a month. At this blog, fellow authors, members of The Word Guild, explore their writing life and open a window for you into God’s world and his salvation.

My post, Starting Late, focuses on how I began to write.


Diane Amento Owens of Wise Women Write “considers herself a late bloomer and is proof that it’s never too late to begin writing.” I’m so in there with her. I, too, started later in life, although there were signs along the way that it could come to pass. And yet if someone had told me in elementary school that I’d one day be writing for publication, I would not have believed it.

Writing wasn’t presented as an option at that time as were careers in teaching, nursing or secretarial work. And motherhood. From an early age I wanted to be a teacher, and a love of reading and good books has been with me, even if the number of books in our home was quite small at that time—unlike my current collection. Read more here.



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Artist in Residence Program for April 10th–Storytelling Workshop

April 10 WorkshopDSCN1216

Michele Braniff,  2014 Artist in Residence for Cambridge Centre for the Arts, getting ready for World Storytelling Day concert. She is combining art and storytelling in her program for this year.


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A Month of Storytelling


March has been such a  full month of  storytelling. First we had Stories Aloud at the Button Factory in Waterloo, hosted by Baden Storytellers’ Guild, of which I am a member. Our guest teller was Bruce Carmody  a retired educator who I suspect has always been somewhat of a storyteller. He shared two stories that evening, one being memories of the year he wished for skates.


He’s such a warm teller, connecting quickly with his audience. I had occasion to talk with him during our break. He’d given a concert the year before at Waterloo Region Museum, and his website shows that he has much to offer, including stories of historical interest.



Image4_web                                                                                                                                                                                  Bruce Carmody, photo from his website


Midmonth our guild hosted a concert for World Storytelling Day, on the theme of Dragons and Monsters. The event, held at Waterloo Region Museum, featured members of the Baden Guild and Celia Barker Lottridge as our guest teller. Celia is a founding member of the Toronto School of Storytelling and is also a prolific author of children’s books and resources for the storyteller.


StorySave is project of Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada.  According to their website, “The project’s aim is to record the voices of elders from the Canadian storytelling community for distribution via web site and CD.”  This year, many of Celia’s stories will be preserved. Our guild decided that proceeds from our concert would go towards that project. Our concert, on Sunday March 16th, was a  resounding success.


DSCN1216  Ticket sellers, Mary-Eileen McClear and I awaiting our audience members. Guild member Michele Braniff, a teller for the concert, arranging brochures for her upcoming events in Cambridge.  Photo credit, L. Wilker


DSCN1229                                                                                                                                                                                         Our banner for the concert


Celia’s books for sale on our  Guild display table



Celia Barker Lottridge; Photo credit: Peter B., husband of our guild member, Anne.



Mary McCullum-Baldasaro, a member of our guild, telling her story at the concert. Photo credit: Peter B.


wsd2014 celia                                                                                                                                                                  A pleased Celia after the concert. Photo credit: Peter B.




As if that were not sufficient stories for the month, my husband and I attended an afternoon of storytelling, March 30, of the Toronto Storytelling Festival at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.

DSCN1253                                                                                                                                                 The Gladstone Hotel, Queen St. W. and Gladstone in Toronto, ON.


Two  members of the Baden Storytelling Guild, Judy Caulfield and Mary McCullum-Baldasaro, were performing a set together. Family Matters consisted of women’s stories from family ancestry. The storytellers delivered a rich and well-timed set about two very different women in Canada. It was well crafted with musical cues for the next section of the women’s stories.



Mary and Judy, ready for their part in the Festival, in the Art Bar


As we intended, my husband and I stayed for the afternoon of stories for adults, hearing such other tellers as Maria Ordonez, Maryaleen Trafford, Ruth Danziger in Stories that Fly; and Pat Bisset and the Three Fisherman of Toronto. Ana Kerz delivered a stunning and well-crafted story, Gladiola, about school days and a certain student in her class.  We also heard stories from Alice Kane by Bob Sherman and High Cotton. Closing the afternoon of stories were  Goldie Spencer and June Brown, with life stories about life on the wrong side of the tracks in Cornwall and learning to skip in Val d’Or.

Our food may have been light that day, having left home before lunch to make it there in time, but we were fed richly by the stories that took us many places and entertained us too. May stories do that for you as well.


The festival continues this Thursday and through the upcoming weekend. Perhaps another year, we’ll get there again. For now, this has been a momentous month of storytelling.





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Because we are wondering where spring is


A fellow editor posted this link on our discussion listserv and so I’m sharing it here for whatever entertainment it’s worth as we wait for spring to come in earnest.


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Coming up at Cambridge Centre of the Arts with Artist in Residence, Michele Braniff

Someone asked last week for earlier notice for events at Cambridge Centre of the Arts. That’s in Cambridge, Ontario, by the way.  The 2014 Artist in Residence, Michele Braniff, has planned a combination of storytelling and drawing workshops. I will be interviewing Michele soon, but I thought I’d give a sneak preview of the workshops.


sDSCN2809Michele, the storyteller, at World Storytelling Day concert hosted by the Baden Storytelling Guild at Waterloo Region Museum on Sunday, March 16th


map of eventsA map of  her planned events

Storyfusion Voice workshop

A workshop for storytellers





storyfusion Her brochure, if you  go looking for it


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