From one holiday to another

September 6, 2015 at 11:58 pm 2 comments

We had a vacation week in July in the Kawartha Lake area, but we had another mini holiday this past week when a dear friend from Nova Scotia came to spend a week with us. We’ve been pondering for weeks what we might do, not rushing around crazily or even shopping, even if we would do a little of that too.

The first day necessitated a trip to the airport to pick up my friend. Fortunately we had good weather and the trip was uneventful apart from a few detours, in the sense that I overshot the essential turning lane to get there, and for parking, missed the cue the first time. Still we were at the gate before she appeared. Maryann grinned when she saw us waiting there for her, then we had only to wait while she collected her suitcase from the carousel.

We had plenty to talk about. It’s different catching up after a couple of years apart. There’s the welcome hug, chatting along the way to the car and loading the suitcase into the trunk and then we’re off toward home.

The first evening we kept light since our traveller would be tired. We sat and relaxed awhile, warmed up the thawing lasagna I had made earlier. Because the evening was a bit cooler than the day, we took a walk in our neighbourhood and talked.

Tuesday afternoon we went to see our eldest daughter and the youngest grandchild and were treated to many smiles.Tuesday evening, it was dessert and coffee/tea with long-time friends who had met Maryann before we did.

Wednesday, we were off to my parents’ home at the farm for an afternoon visit and then another visit with my sister Joan and her husband Ron. A relaxing evening of good food and conversation, along with many laughs and a tour of my brother-in-law’s workshop-in-progress.

Thursday morning we were off to St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, a place Maryann had been while they lived in our city and  before their move to Nova Scotia, which is ‘back home’ for her. We rose early, bundle buggy in the trunk and a list in hand.

After the fire that had destroyed the old building, the structure was replaced by a temporary building (that remains) and then the new one that looks like the old but is much brighter and more modern with necessary safety measures in place that the older one lacked.


the upstairs

We elected to explore the upper level that even I hadn’t done, and then we’d get the produce afterwards.


This picture was less than perfect, but I decided to include it anyway. The salesperson (shown) asked if I would be sure to say where this picture was taken. So here it is.


We admired little sweaters, big sweaters, mittens, socks and hats


Upstairs there were other shops with beautiful items made from wood, from crokinole scorekeepers to crazy drawers and coasters to  commemorate one’s college or university. Go here to see what Paul Szewc makes at his shop in Guelph, Ontario. Might have to do some of my Christmas shopping there.

There were also shops with quilts, clothing and other interesting items.


Keep in mind that we were at market quite early and that taking a picture down the centre aisle is usually impossible once people arrive in throngs. It’s become quite a tourist attraction. We got fritters early before the line-up began that often goes right out the door.


Maryann and I decided to get some tea and a treat before heading out of doors to the produce vendors. Here she is selecting bagels to bring home.


Baden Coffee Company represented here, a local company


…where we purchased our tea that morning early

We sat at a picnic table, drank our tea and enjoyed a fritter while the place was still fairly quiet.


Interestingly shaped baked goods and cream puffs that my Dad would want if he were there with us


Outdoors at the market looking up at the face of the new building


A vendor arranging the tomatoes at his stand–pesticide-free tomatoes, that is. We got tomatoes there. I’ll put them in the freezer for good eating in winter for casseroles and pasta sauce.


Still early, but more people have made their way early on a Thursday morning

We got peaches, tomatoes and maple syrup and looked up and down the outdoor aisles at what vendors had for sale before heading toward the parking lot and to the car.


They even have horse and pony rides up near the quilt shop. A tiny sample of animals showing what’s on a farm


…and some chickens too.

I didn’t see the ducks this time. They’re usually drinking from and paddling in their water troughs which is rather amusing


And so we leave the market and go onto a few other errands before heading home, but it’s been a good morning of exploring. By this time more people are arriving and the parking lot is getting busier with coming and going.

Together Maryann and I made a peach cobber for Thursday evening for a family supper at another daughter’s home.

Tune in again for our trip to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

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  • 1. Charlotte Hoather  |  September 13, 2015 at 5:52 pm

    I love to go to places like this ☺️

    • 2. storygal  |  September 15, 2015 at 12:46 am

      Come to Canada and I’ll take you there, Charlotte. 😉


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