Post on Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship–I Want to Write a Book

You’ll see my blog posts in a few different places from time to time. Today, my article is for those people who want to write a book and it’s posted on the site of Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship.

There’s plenty of work involved in writing a book, Are you ready? Really ready. It may look glamorous to be a New York Times bestselling author, but I challenge  you to ask those authors how  they got there. I can assure you it didn’t happen overnight.


School Supplies 3


A cartoon depicted a character saying: “I’m going to write a book and someday I will be famous.”

Is fame the ultimate goal? Have you been reading the tabloids lately?

A client of mine, still learning English, decided to write a story about her life in the country she came from. Fair enough. When I encouraged her to work on shorter pieces first, she said, “I have to write a book.” An opportunity came up to write a story for an anthology, and I asked her, “Could you write a story about this topic?” She wrote, and I helped to smooth out the words. Her story was accepted. It was a beginning. A significant piece that affirmed her dream, her first publishing credit. As far as I know she’s still working on her book, telling her story from the heart.

Read more here.


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